That Which I Seek

Is anything so beautiful?

Or…is everything so beautiful, must we only pay attention.

I hear, right now
Birds singing.  At least 5 different species.  Some melodic, a tune.  Some calling.  A symphony of surround sound, harmonious.
Bugs humming, chirping.
Through the overgrowth, a creek trickling below my feet, over the pebbles and stones, under the bridge and onto the sea.
A constant roar of the ever-cresting, incessant waves of the Pacific.
The occasional thudding, like an enormous bass drum or a focused thunder, as waves crash into the rocky cliffs on the right.
The scuttling of a creature near me who sees me first and darts deeper into the ferns.

I smell
The freshest ocean spring air
So fresh the saltiness is more sweet than sharp.
Newly growing plants, thousands of varieties at least, all with greens so new they glow, more shades than I dare count.
So vibrant, the greens smell of fresh grass, sweet herbs, Christmasy pines and spruces.
Towering trees magnificent and protecting
And then the bushes, ferns, clovers, moss… There are so much diversity, shapes, sizes of leaves, I’m overwhelmed by my choice to be mindful of them all.
Small white wildflowers sprinkle the landscape
Some growing as tall as my eye-level, peeking above the growth, like pearls decorating a green maiden.

And I look up, in the distances along the horizon, and between the celestial sun and the ocean line, is the birth of a sunset.  Just its beginning, we have a couple hours still, just enough to make the sky cotton candy and the edges of its clouds golden, glowing.

The water is more teal today.  The stormy grays have passed, so the more delicate blues and greens within are brave enough to emerge.
And upon them crest the white edges of waves, a beautiful contrast like a Laramar stone.

But nothing as bright as the reflections of the sun on the water, neither glass nor 10,000 mirrors, but rather diamonds that her proud, teal soul adorns.
The waves hit those rocky edges so violently at times the water shoots back at such heights, such speed, such spread that its less a crash and more an eruption.

I am so touched by the beauty of it all.
That I could be so lucky to behold it.
Her majesty brings tears to my eyes. Humility.  Connectedness.  Gratitude.
A reminder that all the important things in life already exist.
That which I seek, I have already found.

I need only pay attention.