Clarity makes sandcastles


Serenity rolls upon them.  A pig in the mud.  Destroying them.


Then scoots along.  Leaving trails, comical indentations in the sand revealing the secrets of her gimpy 2 1/2 legged scoot.

Giggles.  They love it here.  The freedom, endlessness, unlimited play the beach offers two children.

And their mother.

She thinks without agenda, wandering thoughts finally free to float where they please.

A constant roar of ever-cresting waves.  No bay here, just the raw Pacific.

And this sunshine.  Omg the sun.  Warming.  Brightening.  Everything I could want in a day.  No clouds.  Just blue.

Blue blue sky, fading white as it blends with bright sunlight reflecting on the misty horizons.

Diamonds, silver mirrors, ten thousand of them on each pixel of ocean, wherever my eye travels.

The sand is a part of our family now.

A makeup lightly dusting the faces of my children, darker in the corners of the baby’s mouth where saliva likes to escape along with the rest of us.


Actually no, not really.

More like…. being found.  I don’t run away to this place.  Rather this place is where the runaway self finds her way back to me.