Alone. the Joyful tears of a Mother.

Time by myself is so uncommon that its presence shocked my system.   Sitting in the benched crevice of a windowsill in a downtown coffee shop, my mind unable to live in the words of the book in front of me because my throat choked and eyes teared.

For the first time since… let’s just say, a LONG time.. I had no responsibility.   To not a baby, a toddler, a spouse, a house, a business — all of it, at least in this breath of time, out of my hands.

Just for this breath.

But one moment is apparently all I required to break.

Ironic to break under weightlessness.

A rainbow array of plants.  They’re so vibrant.  But it wouldn’t matter if they were merely sticks.  Only that they exist next to me in this surreal dimension of smooth jazz, smoother coffee, and smoother sunshine still with just my two eyes and one heartbeat for which to care.

A beautifully moving sight, the blur of vision before me, the sign that Kimberly can cry too, delirious with the hope that a moment sister to this one may not be so distant in the