A Backwards Society

Nothing like having a delicately-rare lunch with my two babes both delightfully loving life with their mama when an old*er man plops his crevice-ridden, war-torn face with his straightened, banged, thinning, black-dyed hair self (a cross between an Emo-style teen and a war vet) to use “how cute your little girls are!” as an excuse to delve into a 20-minute-long rabbit-trail monologue about his medical problems, pranks he’s pulled, his 12 nieces, etc. etc. all while expecting me to respond sweetly with smiles and nods and keep my two kiddos occupied without them feeling totally neglected —— all to end with him saying, “Do you love being a mom?” “Yes,” I said curtly, not because I don’t but because of my annoyance with him, and then to have him say this as we left: “There is nothing more beautiful than a woman in the kitchen cooking while her children and husband wait in the other room for their delicious meal.”
How is it that I would have been considered to rude one to ignore him or ask him to leave at any point, when he silently demanded my captivated attention implying that his strange*r stories were more important than tending to my babies–and then finished with an incredibly offensive misogynistic comment sugar-coated as a compliment.
What a societal-backwards moment.