Lies Democrats Believe, Part 1

“Hillary Clinton is a good candidate for President.”

Have you sipped the Clinton Kool-Aid too?  I consider myself a Progressive, liberal, even at times a Socialist.  But I don’t like to use the word “democrat” because then I’m associated with Hillary Clinton and that makes me want to puke.  She embodies everything wrong with the Democratic party.

Okay so that was definitely more emotional-based and incredibly biased and I’d rather just give you some facts, so I’ll start with these two charts and follow-up below with their importance:


There are a lot of issues above that matter to a lot of people, and for good reason.  But the one I want to focus on is Hillary Clinton’s financial contributions.  She has raised over $20 MILLION in PAC funds, compared to Sanders at ZERO, and another nearly $39 MILLION raised from large-donor-contributions.

Why does this matter?  Because those that fund you control you.  Ask any small business owners seeking investors to help them expand and grow, and they’ll explain that this is their hesitation — exactly why our own small business is still owned 100% by my husband and me.  As soon as a business takes money from someone, they give up shares to that person and they very literally do not have full control over their company anymore.  The more money they take, the less control they have.

We don’t even have to talk about where Hillary stands on her own as an individual person.  It honestly doesn’t matter, although I wouldn’t trust her for a second because she plays the crowds and the media for her own agenda without any bit of consistency or integrity to back her up.  Yes I know I’m being biased.  Buuuut, even if I wasn’t, if she did, even if I liked where she stood, even I liked where she said she stood, and even if I could muster up some belief that she actually meant what she said, it seriously Would. Not. Matter.  Why? Because she is funded by big money so she is therefore controlled by big money.  There is absolutely no way she stands on her own.  The super super super super rich get what they want because they fund politicians, including Hilary Clinton.

So by electing Hillary Clinton, you are electing the banks, the oil companies, and Wall Street to run our country.  Thinking otherwise is one of the biggest lies that Democrats believe.

Don’t believe me? WATCH THIS.