Things that go through my breastfeeding-in-public-mom head when I get dressed every day.

Every single one of these goes through my head every single morning. And this is just one part of one part of one part of the day.

  1. Are my clothes warm enough to keep from getting cold, which can cause intense pain?
  2. Are my clothes layerable so that I can undress when my hormones kick in and make me unbearably hot?
  3. Is the layerable shirt a tank top? Are my armpits shaved? If not, do I care?
  4. Does the neckline on my shirt allow for quick, easy access nursing for two?
  5. Does the neckline on my shirt allow for being yanked and pulled on during a toddler meltdown?
  6. Can my clothes handle water spots from drool or milk?
  7. Can my jewelry be pulled on and survive?
  8. Is my necklace at the right spot on my chest so the baby wont hit her head on it if I’m wearing her? Is it too hard-angled? (for the same reason)
  9. Are my shoes warm enough to walk outside in the cold, comfortable enough to chase down a toddler if necessary, cool enough to not overheat my feet due to such chasing, but cute enough that I don’t look like a complete mess?
  10. Do I have a hair-tie to pull back my hair if I get hot?
  11. Are my bracelets compatible with holding the baby’s head on my arm while nursing?
  12. Are my pants tight enough not to fall down when holding baby and chasing toddler?
  13. If they are a bit loose, is my shirt low enough in the back to cover it?
  14. Can my clothes snag on loose velcro from the baby’s sleep-sack? If no, will I remember that despite how hard I try, that velcro WILL find my sweater? It does not discriminate between expensive vs. consignment clothing.

Honestly, it’s a wonder I ever even get dressed at all.