Bell-Jessops: Fire, Air, Earth, and Water.

The four natural elements:

Clarity is Fire.  A sparkler who, once lit, explodes with bright unpredictability and entertainment.  A feisty fireball completely independent in her choices yet, like a flame that needs wood, is completely dependent upon our presence.  She can be destructive.  She can change patterns and plans immediately and totally.  Like fire, she is difficult to contain but enchanting enough that we wouldn’t want to even if we could.  Bringing warmth and light in dark places, she attracts community and creates brilliance.  She is my delight.  My joy.  My clarity.  But on my harder days, she limits me.  Her bright intelligence and stubborn resistance all but burns me to ash and I choke on the smoke.

But then a freshness inflates my lungs.  Sweet breathing, Serenity is Air.  Gentle and quiet, she is easily unnoticed.  Are you always aware of the presence of air?  Her cozy self snuggles and melts into my chest.  Cuddling her is like holding a soft, warm cloud.  Sleep is deeper and dreams are sweeter with her in my arms.  Her breaths, beautiful.  Her smiles, smoothing.  She makes my heart like a feather.  My days are easier with her in them.  She is my peace.  My hope.  My serenity. Fragrant and delicate yet essential for life is her essence.

Shiloh is earth.  Deep.  Solid and consistent he provides that where we can plant roots, a grounding point from which we can build our family, our business, our hopes.  He is full of sprouting dreams and contains the creativity to cultivate them.  He provides stability to our family and holds the potential for limitless growth.  But like tilling rocky soil, so can he be immovable, a stubborn ground.  Yet he is where I can place my feet, a landing point when I am falling.  He is my orientation when dizziness overwhelms me.  He is my love.  My faithfulness.  My strength.

I am water.  All over the place in my spontaneity, I can be difficult in my spills.  But when I am focused, I seek to transform landscapes.  Sharp and solid when I am frigid.  But movable, flexible, and unbreakable when warmed up.  I am.

And it takes all four of us to grow the sapling that is our family.  The fire, the sun, the energy.  The air, the photosynthesis, the CO2 and oxygen.  The earth, the soil, the nutrients.  The water, the replenishment, the satiation.  Growth.  Wholeness.  Life.