Home Sweet-Salty-Sour-Delicious Home.

Shiloh and I said “I do,” on June 23, 2012.  We moved into our first apartment together in the beginning of July, 2012.  It was an adorable little home near downtown Springville.  We lived the normal married life in a place of our own for 2 months.

Two months.

We sold the lease on our apartment September 2012 and from that moment until last night, we never really ever had our own space again.

We lived the life of nomads for awhile, travelled around the country to raise awareness for human trafficking and financial support for our venture going overseas to help fight trafficking.  During these 9-10 months, we lived out of our car and crashed on the couches, guest bedrooms, and living room floors of dear friends and family from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Summer 2013, we moved overseas to the Philippines.  These few months required several moves, living amongst different people, and a lot of miscommunication about what life would be like for us.  October 2013, we came back to Utah (originally unplanned) to increase my health and that of our baby girl to have the best birth possible, diagnose Shiloh’s back problems and increase his recovery, and re-evaluate our lives and the best ways for our new family to fight trafficking.

This process was only supposed to last a couple months, so we rented a basement room of some dear friends of ours.  But because of delays with the organization, and then some severe re-evaluating of our own lives, we stayed in that windowless basement room for over a year.

Finally at a good starting point again, we just barely moved into our own apartment in south Provo this week.


So, from September 2012 – February 2015 our family hasn’t had a place to call our own.  Until now.

Thank you for those whose hospitality and generosity kept us afloat.  Because of you, we have an incredible gratitude and appreciation from which we now, finally, have a home of our own 🙂